Friday, 26 March 2010


In this post I will make some observations regarding your posts.
1. Please be more careful at grammar and spelling. Now you are not new to blogging. If your comment has not appeared, it means you need to improve it, so please do so.

2. Don’t use Google translator: “Its major activity is manufacturing and product ditribuirea cosmetice.Printre Avon products”

3. Swot analysis – describe a local company, not an international one
4. Don’t write more than 50-60 words/post.

5. Barcelona post: describe the picture, what you see, guess things. It is important for you to write, not to be right.

6. Conversation e-club: is for speaking, not writing, so read the post carefully

7. What’s going on: use present continuous. You are not supposed to make riddles.