Monday, 8 March 2010

Talkgroup » CONVERSATION E-CLUB - What are you going to do next weekend?

What are you/your friend/s going to do tomorrow? Next weekend? Next summer? After graduating this university? You can alternatively talk about a trip you are planning to take. THIS IS A SPEAKING TASK! NO WRITTEN COMMENTS TO THIS POST! READ CAREFULLY TILL THE END. GO TO VOXOPOP (, create an account, find our talkgroup Conversation E-club, join the talk group and wait to be accepted by the administrator and then record your comments!

For example: At the end of April I’m going to Oxford. I’m going to attend a two-weeks course there. I’m going to fly there by Wizzair, which is a low cost company and land at Luton airport. I’m not sure yet how I will travel from Luton to Oxford. I will probably travel by coach. I’m going to stay with an English family, Huw and Clare Morgan who live in a quiet village near Oxford. If I have some spare time over the weekend I will visit Stratford or maybe the Lake District. I’m going to meet other teachers from all over the world. I’m not going to be a teacher there, finally! I’m going to be a student!

How about you?

PAY ATTENTION at the two ways in which you express future actions:
WILL (unplanned, unsure, prediction)
TO BE GOING TO (future plans - intentionez sa...)
With the verbs 'come' and 'go' use: I am going to... Bucharest, he's coming back tomorrow

Go to this talkgroup and record your answers. I will give you instructions in class and on the YG about how to use Voxopop: Conversation E-Club