Monday, 4 January 2010


Dear Bloggers,
the deadline for completing your class blog activities is January 18th.
Regretfully, activities completed after that date will not be considered.
Please make sure to have at least 7 tasks finished.

In order to be able to evaluate your blog activity, I need to know who is behind the username, WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE. Therefore, I have created a database in our Yahoo group where you can also self-evaluate your activity.
To do so, follow the steps:
1. Go to:
SIGN IN (if you are a member, if not, join the group)
2. Go to the DATABASE (left side menu), CONTACT LIST, and ADD RECORD. There you will see that you have to fill in your real name and your username on the blog, the number of tasks you have completed and your email address.

Let me know by email or by commenting on this post - if you have any problems,


  1. Hello, I do have a problem to Edit the Contact List, since it doesn't let me do any Editing. I have tried multiple times, please let me know if the table was limited, otherwise i don't see why i could't edit and input my data. Thank you.

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  3. Teacher I have a problem,I signed in and asked to join your group but you didn't give me access.What should I do?:(

  4. Hi Meli,
    The problem is that maybe you did not write any message introducing yourself.
    Try again and you will be granted access. You know, the database suffered from unwanted people and we don't want that to happen again. It is a protection for you.

    so try again.

  5. Hi,
    i tried many times to log into your blog,but i have difficulties doing it.Little bit earlier i joined your group as well but had no much luck.
    I dont know what to do,can you help please?

  6. I am so sorry, but now it's too late for tutorials. These were made at the beginning of the semester.