Sunday, 4 October 2009


Our first writing task is obviously knowing one another better.
Introduce yourself to your colleagues and future guests, your strong points and likes, why you are here studying economics and what your future plans are.
Here is my example:
Hi, my name is Anisoara and I will be your teacher of English during this year. I like honest students, students who are aware that English is important for them in their future career and therefore try to do their best to improve their speaking and writing skills. I dislike copying and pasting. I like originality. I like students who are flexible and not afraid to try new ways of improving their skills.
I hope you will be excited about this new way of learning English.
Wishing you all a successful year and proper words for the first assignment this year!

Now you can start commenting here.


  1. Hello ,

    My name is Silviu i`m a freshmen at Dimitrie Cantemir University accounting & IT management section . I am 22 years old i work as sales agent at Orange , i`ve suscribed at this university because :

    1. It`s closer to Home ( about 5-10 minutes )

    2. I have a chance to occupy a higher position in the firm...and that is what I want.

    I think i will most active here on this blog then at school, as i said in class my schedule at work is flexibile so most of the time i will be at work.

    A short description of me :

    I`m a social person , i talk much ( because that is what i have to do at work ),i like electronics ( computers and all sort of gadjets ) olso i like to hang out with friends , go an see new places , new people , etc.

    Offtopic :

    I think some students have problems with writing or "accesing" this blog since the post was made in 4 october and know is 9 :D... Hopefully we whil have more bloggers :D

    All the best ! And i`m waiting for the first task.

    If its posible or if you will send tasks on e-mail addresses please send on the folowing e-mail:

    Thanks have a spendid day !

    Dan Silviu Cristian
    Sectian : C.I.G.
    Grupa a 2-a

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  3. Hello, my name is Andra and I'm a freshman at this University at Economy of commerce, tourism and services.
    I'm 19 years old and this year I graduated the Sports High school. Even if I'm playing handball for some years, I think that this sport don't give me such opportunities as graduating this college.
    I'm sociable and optimistic and I like the people who has sense of humor more than fishes from the ocean. I don't like to lie but an old romanian person told me: " minte, dar minte frumos" this means that I supposse to lie somebody just when the situation asks me to do it, and like an innocent girl, sometimes, in order to do not hurt somebody, I really do it.
    Enough about me, I agree with Silviu (who is a very good friend of mine) that students should visit this blog more often and post comments because in my opinion this is a modern "thing" and worth the "sacrifice"!

  4. Hello, my name is Melinda a freshmen at Dimitrie Cantemir university section C.I.G . I'm 23 years old i work at Aeasculap drug store from Acatari, I'm a social person who like's working with people, to do somebody a good turn, olso I like to hang out with friends and to learn new things.
    I selected this university because it has good professors who ar our friend's to. They understand thouse who work and they encourege us to go on. My future plan is to have my own bussines , this will allow me to give my future children a happy life.
    I appreciate this blog it's very usefull to us and I olso agree with Andrada , students should visit this blog more often.
    If you will send tasks on e-mail addresses please send on:, if it's possible.
    Have a nice day and thanks for all.

  5. Hi ,
    My name is Horatiu , I'm 25 years old , I live in Targu Mures and I am a rookie at the Dimitrie Cantemir University at ECTS. I finished in 2002 "Gheorghe Marinescu" high school. I work at the Samaritanus Ambulance as a medical nurse . I hope that this university help me to increase my knowlegde. I like to play Texas Hold'em sit and go tournaments with my friends.

  6. Hello!! My name is Attila, I'm 19 years old, I'm a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir at FB. Its nice to see you all on this blog.My e-mail adress is:, have a nice day.

  7. Hi,my name is Ana and i'm a firt-year student at the Dimitrie Cantemir University.I'm from Toplita and now I live in Tg Mures.I'm a sociable girl and I' like to have many friends.About myself...I like to listen to the views of others and I like honest persons.I don't like people lying.This is it's your turn.

  8. Dear students,
    this is me again: for safety reasons, it is better not make too personal information public, such as your email addresses.
    I am not going to send you tasks through email, you can either choose to follow this blog and you will be updated on new posts, or revisit it regularly and will be able to see what's new and where we are and what we are doing.
    When you have a google account and a username, please let me know about them at where you will give me your username and your identity (year, name, section).
    A last piece of advice: please check your spelling before posting!! There are too many spellin mistakes!!

  9. I meant spelling! check your spelling please before posting. Teacher

  10. Hello!
    My name is Ilona. I`m a freshmen at Dimitrie Cantemir university, C.I.G department, second groupe.
    I live in TG-MURES. I`m forty two tears old, married women. I have two biutiful children.
    At the moment I don`t work, but at home I bake cakes and cookies for order.I love to cook a lot of different foods, I love to sing,learn,study and many more...
    I am a social person, and I like to meet new people and talk whit them.
    I totally agree whit Melinda, this blog is very useful for the students, for us...
    My e-mail is:
    have a nice day and a good week!

  11. ello :)

    My name is rares. I'm 20 years old and a freshmen at F.B. 2nd group.
    I live in Tg. mures very close to the university, practically i'm a neighbor (it's not personal information), so for girls that want a cup of coffee between the classes, you should know i make great coffee and don't worry if we won't get in time to the next hour, we can make the presence from my window.
    I chose this university because i want to become a good economist.

    Nice to meet you all and if you want to know something about me, feel free to ask, I will be around.

  12. hi, my name is Cristi I'm 19 and I am a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir Finance & Banks 2nd group
    I live in tg-mures and I like Stunting with my bike going out with my friends and haveing fun
    I study english since I was in kindergarden and I alsow speak hungarian and german besides romanian and english.
    I joind finane & banks because I found it intresting to try
    my respects to all of you and I hope to talk to you soon,bye bye

  13. sorry I had to change my acount because the first post was from my yahoo mail account

  14. Hello,
    My name is Kati, I'm a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir at FB, 1st group. I graduated this year at Gheorghe Sincai Highschool. Although I haven't study maths, I came here because I find it interesting and I like challenges.
    I like hanging out with my friends, but when I'm home I like listening to music and sleeping. Haha!
    I wish everybody a nice week!

  15. hi
    my name is denes.'m frm sovata and i am a freshman at dimitrie cantemir Financial&banks grup 2
    I'm crazy about cars and i like to party and extreme sports
    I wish everybody a nice week

  16. hy my name is laci, i'm from sovata and i am a freshman at dimitrie cantemir finances&banks grup 1
    I like to party,I like going on road trips and drive my car and have fun with my friends
    i wish all of you a great year and hope to talk to you later

  17. Hello beautiful people...

    My name is Tinca Adrian... but friends call me Adi. Like many others from this blog, I am a freshman at the best University from the state (Dimitrie Cantemir;CIG;groupI)

    My true ambition and my all time fantasy is to rule this country(lol).

    I'll write more... after the elections(megalol)

  18. Hello, my name is Marius, I'm 20 years old and i'm a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir University, ECTS section.
    I like very much to go out with friends and have fun and like evry boy i like cars and electronics...
    I hope to make new friends at this University, to learn new and interesting things....

  19. hello ladies and gentlemen
    My name is Cioculescu Paul, I'm 19 years old and i'm a freshman at University Dimitrie Cantemir, CIG section group I. I like having fun with friends, I like cars, girls. I like to fish pond in front of the university:))

  20. Hello teacher,ladies and gentleman!
    My name is Biro Levente,I`m 19 years old and this year I graduated in Electromures highschool.I signed up to Dimitrie Cantemir University because I think that it is a great university and the teachers are well prepared to teach us new things.My hobbyes...well let`s see,i love to play soccer(some people say that I am dependent of soccer)and in my free time I go to the gym.I don`t like at all people who are not punctual and I don`t like to do things that I consider worthless.That`s all,thanks anticipated for the patients to read obout me.Bye :)

  21. Hi,
    My name is Melinda; I’m a 19 years old girl from Tg-Mures. I’ve graduated this year from Gh. Sincai High School and I’ve signed up to Dimitrie Cantemir University. Now, I am a 1st year student and I'm studying Accounting. I’ve chosen this field because I like working with money and I like communicating with others; shortly, I like business life and all that it's related to that. I also like English; I have participated in various English language contests and have achieved some very good results. My hobbies are basketball, modeling, reading, etc. My friends say that I'm a friendly and reliable person. Shortly, these are the most important things you should know about me. Thanks for reading about me.

  22. hy,
    My name is Gabriela,I have 19 years old and I'm from Ludus.I came to Tg-Mures to study at Dimitrie Cantemir,at ECTS profile because I like the turism.I'm a nice person,my hobby is to read books about different cultures and countrys.
    I hope in the future this profile will take me to the best career in my life....

  23. Hello everybody,
    My name is Daniel, and I am a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir University from Tg-Mures.
    I can say a lot of things about me but I prefer at this moment to make only o brief description of myself. I love to interact with new people, to try new and different things. I think I am a pleasant person, well intended all the time and easy-going.
    The most important things for me are my family and my girlfriend but not necessarily in this order.
    I decided to follow the courses of this University to make the best investment, to invest in myself.

  24. Hello,
    My name is Andreea, I'm 20 years old, and I'm studying Acconting in the 1st year at Dimitrie Cantemir University. Because I'm also studying Management at Petru Maior University, in the second year, I'll miss some courses.
    About me, I can say that I'm an optimist and sociable person, I like to spend my free time wih my friends, going out, and I'm always open to learn new things.
    My hobbyes are: reading (my favourite book is "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown) and flowers (I have a lot of beautiful flowers at home).

  25. Hello,
    My name is Nimas Alexandra Rebeca,I am 19 years old and I'm from Valea-Larga.I came to Targu-Mures to study at Dimitrie Cantemir,at ECTS profile because I like turism.
    I graduated 4 years High School Colegiul Agricol Tr.Savulescu.I want to make many friends and to collaborate on this blog.

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  27. Very interesting presentations! I've learnt more about you from the blog than in our classes when there's always the time pressure. I hope more students decide to join and introduce themselves. It's never too late.

  28. Hello,my name is Raul,I am 20years old.I'm from Iernut and I came here to study about tourism and business because I think I will improve my career chances in obtaining a good job.My hobby is listening to music,exploring the internet,playing different games on the PC.That's all about me,I hope I will realize all my plans in the future

  29. Hello! My name is Stefania, I`m studying ECTS in 1st year at Dimitrie Cantemir University. I chosed this university because it`s closer to home and I heard that here are great teachers.
    I also work and I can`t come to school everyday :( My hobby is travelling. I'd lose my mind if I didn't travel at least in some small way...whether it's a simple road trip to a different town, camping or going to another country. Travelling is a part of me. I wish everybody a nice week!

  30. Hy everybody.
    My name is Csegzi Attila, I’m a freshman at the University of Dimitrie Cantemir in Tirgu-Mures, at the first group of the C.I.G department. I like to go out whit my friends to have fun. I like the partys. I like to tell my opinion and to listen other people’s conceptions about the things too.
    I don’t like that kind of people who are gossiping about me behind my back, who can’t watch in my eyes and can’t say what they think about me. I don’t like the snuffler people.
    What is important to know about me is that I haven’t free time, because I always do something, therefore I haven’t time to bored, but sometimes I wish to have.
    I have choosen this university because I heard more nice things about it, and now I see that all what my friends told me are true. I like the electronic and the house music and some hip hop music too, but if the situation requires, then I listen anything. I like the friendly people, and to make new friendships with them.

  31. Hello! My name is Adriana, I'm in the I-st year at the University of "DIMITRIE CANTEMIR", C.I.G departament.When we started the classes I was pregnant and now I'm a mummy, a happy one, because I have a healty son. I'm pleased to share this with my classmates, and with you(Teacher), of course. I'm a good person, I always help those in need, now I'm kind of busy with my child and I'm still going to be for a while. I chose this university, especialy the economycs area because I know that I wiil be able to find a job after I graduate. I like reading, especialy english books, because there are all kind of fascinating stories that attracts me, I have just read "Sonete" by "William Shakespeare". I like to make new friends and discover something new every day.

  32. Hello,my name ia Ramona,I'm 31 years old, I'm from Reghin, I came to Tg-Mures to study at Dimitrie cantemir .Now I am 1st year studend end I'am studying acconting profile becose I want to become a good economist. I like to party.

  33. Hello!
    My name is Imelda,I`m a first year student at Dimitrie Cantemir University,C.I.G department,first group.I`m 20years old and I live in Tg.Mures.I`ve graduated last year from Gh.Sincai HighSchool.I`m a nice person and I like to make new friends.I choose this University,because I like business life and when I graduat I think I will find a good job.

  34. My name is Zold Ildiko, I'm married and 42 years old, I have 2 great sons. I live in Tg-Mures, I work at my family business, as an accountant.I graduated only Economic High-school and I think it's necessary for me to have a university diploma for my job.
    My only problem is that I have little time for going to school. I am an ambitious person so I try to do the best I can.
    I love animals, in my free time I walk with my dog. I like to ski, and never missed a ski trip until now, not a single year.
    I am an optimistic person and open to new things.

  35. Hi!
    My name is Szilveszter David Robert, I'm a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir's E.C.T.S section. I've graduated the Economics Highscool in Targu-Mures last year.
    I'm a hypoactive person sometimes, even I can't understand why, maybe I shutdown for a moment to regain my sounds artistic:)
    Anyway...I'm a Cancer, I like playing videogames and I smoke (not proud of the last one).

    Off topic: I'm sorry, but did Belean Adriana said she's a "mummy"? and a happy one?:)

    take care.

  36. Hy!
    My name is Szabó Emöke. I was born and I live in Targu Mures. I'm a student at Dimitrie Cantemir, first year, C.I.G. I'm 24 years old. I'm here to study economics because I want to be accountant. Unfortunately I have to work so I can't go to classes. I hope that this blog will help me too stay in touch with my classmates and english teacher. Succes to everyone!

  37. Hello,
    My name is Krisztina; I’m a 20 years old girl from Cristeşti. I’ve graduated in 2009 from Avram Iancu High School from Târgu-Mureş and I decided to become a student at Dimitrie Cantemir University,now I'm studying Accounting.I choosed this profile because Accounting is a well payed job and I like it too.My hobbies are modeling,watching TV,partying,I also like surfing on the Web. My friends say that I'm a very understanding person,that they can trust me and they can tell me anything.I like making new friends and trying out new things.Shortly this is all you should know about me ;)Goodby and have a nice day!

  38. Hello!
    My name is Crina,I'm from Reghin,I am 20 years old,I am a first year student at Dimitrie Cantemir University,profile accounts.I chose accounting because I want to work in this area.I love to work on the computer and I like to keep track of things.

  39. Hello!
    My name is Bianca.I'm 19 years old and I'm in first year at this University, C.I.G. department, second group.I'm from Dumbraveni and now I live in Targu Mures.I choose this department because I like to become a good economist.

  40. Hello!
    My name is Brigitta. I am a student at Dimitrie Cantemir University, section C.I.G. I finished in 2009 at Avram Iancu high school. I have 20 years old, I have long hair and I wear glasses. I am a person who likes to talk and I have many friends. I like to help to my colleagues and my friends. I am curious, I like to know as many things. I like to drive, to travel and to go on trips whit my friends or my family. Do not know how to swim and skate.

  41. Yes, she did SAY (not said)but please don't think of anything linked with Egypt!!

  42. My name is Danescu Alexandra-Maria,I am 19 yars old,and I'm freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir University at section Economy of commerce,tourism and services.
    I finished in 2009 at "Lyceum Teoretic Dumbraveni",and now,I leave in Targu-Mures.
    I choose this profile because I want to became a good economist!

  43. My name is Ciorba Ionela Daniela,I am 19 years old and i'm from Glajarie.I'm in Aries zodiac.I'm a very stubborn person,and I really like animals,especially cats.My wish would be to work in an animal clinic.

  44. Hello!!!
    My name is Petra Andreea Florina,I`m a freshman at University Dimitrie Cantemir from Targu Mures,at F.B,group 2.I choose this profile because I want to became a good economist!I finished highschool at Targu Mures at College Economic Transilvania,profile accounting.
    I am a social girl,I like to do sport,to dance,to listen mussic(all kind of mussic), and I love movies.
    I am a person who likes to talk and I have many friends. I like to help to my colleagues and my friends.

  45. What can I tell you about me?
    My name is Man Alexandra Valentina, I am a freshman at University Dimitrie Cantemir at F.B, group 1.I choose this department because I like to become a good economist
    I am a social girl, I like very much to travel,I am a funny person.I am curious, I like to know as many things.I like making new friends and trying out new things.

  46. My name is Andreea, I am 19 years old and I'm freshmen at Dimitrie Cantemir University at section CIG in first year.
    I finished in 2009 at Lyceum "Constantin Brancusi".
    I'm here to study economics because I want to be accountant, but I don't have time to came to course because I work every day.
    I like to dance, I like to work to computers and I love animals. I think that I am an ambitious person.

  47. Hello,my name is Reghean Maria,I have 20 years old,and i'm a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir University,at E.C.T.S. profile.The music and dance are my life.I'm friendly,honest,and nice.I like trips in nature.I choose this profile because I like turism.

  48. Hy,
    My name is Buta Florin and I am 19 years old.I graduated last summer at Grigore Moisil highschool.I signed up to this university because I like the education style and I heard good things about this university.My hobbys are football,I like to watch movies,listen music and I like to take a walk in the park.

  49. Hello everyone,
    my name is Zsofia, I gratuated some years ago at Electromures highschool. i choose this university because i think it's right for me, and i see myself as a good economist. Some of my hobbyes are to listen music, all kind of genres, to read a good book, to do cross-word puzzles, to watch movies, to travel.

  50. I'am Andreea Anca, I graduated chemistry highschool in Tg-Mures. I am a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir University on Financials and Banks Section. I choose this section because I would like to work in banking or financial domain. I think is because I had the chance to work for about a mounth as a volunteer in a bank and I realy enjoyed.I like honest and kind people.

  51. I wanted to sound like this "B. A. said that she is a mummy..." but then I made the sentence into a question and I forgot about the verb:). Take care!

  52. Hello! I'm Monica and I live in Targu-Mures. I chose this University and ECTS because I thing there are many opportunities in this field. When I graduate I hope I find a job in a company. I am a hard working person. This is one of my qualities. I am sociable, honest and loyal. I respect people and I expect them to respect me either. I love working on the computer.

  53. Hello...My name is Nendrean Paula Adina and I'm freshman at the University of Dimitrie Cantemir at section Economy of commerce,tourism and services.I'm 19 years old and this years I finished at Lyceum "Grup Scolar Iernut".I choose this departament because I want to became a good economist.My hobbys are dance,music and I also like surfing on the Internet.

  54. Hi everybody, my name is Florin and I'm forty one years old.I have a little daughter of thirteen years old and I'm very proud of her,also i advice her to learn the english language as better as she can because this is the most important thing in our days with the finance globalisation.
    In 1994 I graduated from the Engineer Univercity of Food Industry.My job as Food Engineer is very nice and interesting and i like it so much that i have had very succesfull passes and progress in my domain. .I 'd like to ve hired like a technic manager that's why I'm studying in this univercity to take nessesary finance knowlege.

  55. Hello. My name is Gaspar Raul Nicolae and i live in Iernut a small town not very far to Mures about 30 km. I have 20 years old and I'm a freshman at this university at section E.C.T.S. I like trips, and fishing.

  56. Hy, my name is Lorand, I’m a frashman at Dimitrie Cantemir Universityon on Financial and Banks section.. I’m 20 years old, and I live is Târgu Mureş.
    I like to go out with my friends, to go on trips, to watch good movies, to have fun, and to drive my car.

  57. Hello!

    My name is M.Reka, I`m a student at Dimitrie Cantemir University of Targu-Mures, first year, department C.I.G., the second group.
    I have twenty-one years, and I finished high school for two years, after wgich I started working in stores with clothes.
    I live in Crăieşti, I like to read, to draw, and I love the kids.I chose the profile, because I want to become a good accounting.

  58. Hello everybody...My name is Boanta Codruta Maria,and I'm a freshman at Dimitire Cantemir University,at E.C.T.S. profile.I like very much to dance,and to study about other cultures.I have 19 years old,and I'm from Capusu de Campie,near to Iernut.

  59. Hello,my name is Boanta Codruta Maria,I have 19 years old,and I'm from Capus,close to Iernut.I'm a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir,at E.C.T.S. profile.I like very much to go to other countries,to learn about thier cultures and traditions.

  60. Hello, I am Adrian and I am 36 years old and I work as chemist operator in Iernut. I am a sociable and talkative guy, I like to make lots of friends and acquaintances. I appreciate very much the real friendship, so I treat this matter seriously. I am a perfectionist and every time I have an aim I make substantial efforts to accomplish it. This sometimes is a quality but sometimes is not. I chose ECTS because is suitable for me, it will help me to advance in my career and also it will give me knowledge in domains that I like.

  61. Helloo
    My name is Marius Vancea,I'm a student at the University Dimitrie Cantemir,ECTS profile.I have 22 hair is eyes are green.I live in hobby is football.
    I like very much to lead.

  62. name is Sanpetrean Andreea Alina,i have 20 years old,and i'm from Targu Mures.I'm a freshman at Dimitrie Cantemir at ECTS profile.I chose this profile because i like to travel and meet new people and their culture.Also i like english and kids.

  63. Hello,
    My name is Izabella Emilia.I am in the 1st year at"Dimitrie Cantemir University" on Financial and Banks section.I graduated "Bolyai Farkas Theoretical" highscool 10 years ago.I have a daughter.
    I am quiet,friendly and onest person.I like learning new things and i would like to became a good economist.This is one of my desires and i hope now i'm the choice to realise it.
    I feel very well on the university.

  64. hello, my name is Zoltan, 20 year old and I'm a student of the Dimitrie Cantemir University,financial & banks profiles in the secound group. I only say that a man or a another western pacific is very friendly. I like extreme sports and fast enought for any vehicle wihch is a big most of the cars like madness.